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Monday, December 21, 2015

[CNA] Singapore Airlines Bans 'Hoverboards' Due To Safety Concerns

On the heels of similar policies by top US airlines, Singapore Airlines has announced a ban on self-balancing scooters for all of its flights, including those by subsidiary Tiger Airways.

SINGAPORE: From Monday (Dec 21), passengers on Singapore Airlines (SIA) will no longer be permitted to bring lithium battery-powered personal transportation devices, commonly referred to as 'hoverboards', on their trips.

SIA said in a statement that the ban was due to safety reasons, and applied to both checked and carry-on baggage.

A spokesperson from the airline said: "Singapore Airlines complies strictly with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations on the transport of dangerous goods, which includes lithium batteries."

The baggage restriction conditions on SIA's website state that the airline prohibits the carriage of lithium batteries with watt hours more than 160 or a lithium content of more than 8g, of which electric segways (another device similar to the hoverboards), electric bicycles and underwater lamps are listed as examples. The latest announcement extends the ban to all hoverboards, regardless of wattage.

Wheelchairs, mobility aids and assistive devices that are battery powered and required for use by passengers will still be allowed on board as checked-in baggage, subject to certain restrictions.

SIA subsidiary Tiger Airways has similarly imposed a ban of all hoverboards, uniwheels and electric scooters, regardless of the watt hour rating of the lithium batteries in the devices.

The fire risk posed by hoverboards, which are powered by lithium-ion batteries, has been a concern for airlines worldwide. Several top US airlines also recently imposed bans on the two-wheeled devices earlier this month.

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